What is Tally Course Syllabus

Tally is an entire Enterprise Resource Planning framework with a fantastic hold in bookkeeping highlights.

To understand What is Tally Course? Firstly, We need to understand What is  Tally?

All things considered, Tally is an entire Enterprise Resource Planning framework with a fantastic hold in bookkeeping highlights.

In spite of the fact that Tally has numerous more center highlights that a business requires yet its hold in bookkeeping is genuinely exemplary. Hence Tally is known more to account as opposed to some other of its highlights.

On the off chance that I need to say a solitary programming for a business requires regardless of whether the business is simply beginning, Tally is the one which I would suggest.

The explanation behind this proposal is on account of Tally does every one of the things that a business during a period of beginning up requires.
What's more, not simply business, but rather you can utilize Tally for your own bookkeeping moreover. 

So, Now We are moving ahead ‘What is Tally Course” and What are the Objectives of the Tally Course?

An objective of the Course: Here we are giving the entire data on Tally Course Syllabus Details – Here we will clarify What is Tally Course with the total data is appropriate for the Tally Course. This article will help you to discover the Course Syllabus.

Learning Outcomes: Toward the finish of the course understudy ought to have the capacity to utilize bookkeeping and business phrasing, clarify the target of monetary revealing and related key bookkeeping presumptions and standards.

Outline of Course:

1.  Accounting Fundamental
2.  Maintaining Accounts in Tally.ERP9
3.  Accounting with Tally using Inventory
4.  Accounting Voucher in Tally
5.  Accounting of Bill of Materials
6.  Recording zero value entries in Vouchers
7.  Budget & Control
8.  Security Control
9.  Tally Audit, Backup & Restore
10.  Interest Calculations
11.  Actual & BilledQunatity
12.  Tally to Excel, JPEG, PDF
13.  Cheque Printing
14.  Split Company Data
15.  Income & Expense Statement
16.  Invoice printing in Tally.ERP9
17.  Multiple Address
18.  Bill Settlement
19.  E-mail in Tally.ERP9
20.  TDS
21.  Inter-State Purchase
22.  Getting Started with GST

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